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macroDATA Comply and Assure

macroDATA Comply and Assure excels in delivering comprehensive cyber risk management solutions, adaptable to the diverse needs of both large critical infrastructure organisations and defence primes, as well as SMEs.

Our ORCA Program is uniquely tailored to suit the intricate requirements of supply chain managers and suppliers alike, ensuring robust compliance and risk management across the board. 

Adaptive Risk Management for All Business Sizes 

Custom Audit Solutions 

We offer strategy-aligned audit services that cover internal and external processes comprehensively. Our ORCA Guardian Program is designed to address the entire lifecycle providing deep insights into operational efficiencies and compliance. 

Client-Focused Approach 

Our collaborative method involves working directly with your contractors and subcontractors, utilising frameworks that enhance onboarding and ensure uniform compliance communication across the organisation. 

Expertise and Agility 

Our team, with its defence and aerospace background, fully understands your sector's challenges, ensuring our audits promote meaningful improvements. We operate on a 'Trust but verify' basis, fostering cooperative relationships with supply chains. 

Robust Compliance Support

Adhering to key standards like E8, SCEC, DISP, IRAP, and ISO, we provide continuous cybersecurity and infosec support. Our services are designed to meet the strict regulatory needs of government, defence, and critical infrastructure suppliers. 

Efficient Reporting

Utilisng ORCA Compliance's advanced dashboard technology developed specifically with defence in mind, we provide standardised reports across all supplier levels via a secure, private network. This approach ensures clear consistent data presentation. 

Dedicated Audit Platform 

Our ORCA Compliance platform offers clear, concise reporting, enabling swift identification of audit insights. It supports comprehensive compliance management, tailored for both first and third-party audits. 

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“I worked with the Macrodata team on a number of occasions to provide secure and robust communication networks to meet key operational requirements. They have a real understanding of wider issues and executed in a manner that considered all aspects of our commercial needs (budgetary and time constraints). I valued their willingness to adapt to evolving and unanticipated issues.” 

Alok Patel, Chair - National Security Association of Australia 

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