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Defence Grade Cyber and Information Security Ecosystem For Your Business

Servicing Australian Critical Infrastructure, Government, Defence Industry and National Security

The COMPLETE Information Security Ecosystem 

Welcome to macroDATA Solutions Group, your partner in defence-grade information security. As a trusted supplier to Australia’s defence industry, critical infrastructure, state and federal government, and a proud employer of veterans, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding national security interests. Our commitment to "The COMPLETE Information Security Ecosystem" ensures that both your digital and physical assets are protected with the highest standards of security and compliance. 

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Our risk management and compliance services program, ORCA™, is designed specifically for critical infrastructure and the defence industry, aligning with key frameworks such as E8, SCEC, DISP, ISM, NIST, ISO and regulatory breach self-reporting. We provide rigorous support to organisations in critical infrastructure, defence primes and their suppliers, ensuring supply chain compliance and risk mitigation via an ongoing pro-active self-service toolset. 

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At macroDATA InfoSec Solutions, we provide a full suite of information security offerings to protect your business, regardless of whether you work from an office or the comfort of your own home. These offerings include advanced critical cloud storage, encrypted remote digital gateways, and highly secure, SCEC-endorsed co-working spaces. Our services ensure the protection of both your digital workforce and sensitive data. All our solutions are Australia-based and underpinned by Australia's stringent data security laws.

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Innovators in zero-trust physical security and autonomous systems voice control, our flagship Cognoscere AI Security system integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructures, offering intelligent, proactive and comprehensive security solutions that protect both digital and physical domains. 

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As our fully licensed carrier, LatCom specialises in Secure, Private, Sovereign Communications and secure event broadcasting. LatCom also offers a broad range of classified and non-classified encrypted networking solutions tailored to suit any activity. Our sovereign services are locally owned and operated, ensuring compliance with national standards and providing peace of mind in a complex digital landscape.

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Critical Infrastructure: Mitigate Cyber Risks and Protect Valuable Assets

Our comprehensive Information Assurance Risk and Audit Solutions are designed to protect your intellectual property, sensitive information, and ensure the safety of your customers, while mitigating personal liability risks for directors.

  • Independent and Strategy-Aligned Audits

  • Robust Governance and Compliance

  • Real Time Reporting Via Innovative SaaS-based ORCA™ Tool 

  • Regular Compliance Check-Ins

Avionics Engineering

Support for SMEs Entering the Defence Industry

At macroDATA we understand the increasing complexities that SMEs face in becoming recognised defence suppliers in Australia. Our team are here to guide you through the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) application process and ensure your cyber governance aligns with critical E8 and ISO27001 guidelines.

  • Streamlined DISP Application Assistance: Our team of experts simplifies the DISP application process, helping you meet all necessary criteria.

  • Robust Cyber Governance Frameworks: Leveraging E8 and ISO27001 standards, we provide tailored cyber governance strategies to ensure your business meets the rigorous security requirements of the defence sector.

Partner with us to seamlessly transition to be trusted defence supplier, supported by the highest standards of security and compliance

Why Choose macroDATA?

Comprehensive Cyber Security Ecosystem

End to End Solutions

Full Suite of Security Products

Defence Level Security

Advanced Technology

Affordable And On Schedule

Experienced, Professional Team

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“I worked with the Macrodata team on a number of occasions to provide secure and robust communication networks to meet key operational requirements. They have a real understanding of wider issues and executed in a manner that considered all aspects of our commercial needs (budgetary and time constraints). I valued their willingness to adapt to evolving and unanticipated issues.” 

Alok Patel, Chair - National Security Association of Australia 

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