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macroDATA AI

At macroDATA AI, we're at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence solutions, transforming how security is managed and how autonomous systems are controlled. Our innovative applications of AI, from natural language processing (NLP) for vehicle commands to comprehensive security system management, set new standards for precision, efficiency, and safety. 

AI-Driven Security and Autonomous System Voice Control

Cognosecre Zero Trust Security 

Our Cognosecre platform enforces uniform security policies across both physical and digital domains, offering a single, easily managed dashboard for comprehensive oversight. This zero-trust approach ensures that every aspect of your security is constantly monitored and meticulously managed. 

Site-wide Security Tracking 

Elevate your security staff's efficiency with our system's ability to monitor security across the entire site. From physical patrols to digital surveillance, our solution streamlines operations, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. 

Integration with Existing Technology 

Our AI solutions are built to integrate seamlessly with both existing and industry-standard technologies. This flexibility allows us to create the right solution tailored to your specific security needs, enhancing your current systems without the need for complete overhauls. 

Autonomous Vehicle Voice Control

Harnessing advanced NLP, we enable precise voice command interactions for autonomous vehicles. This technology ensures seamless operation and control, bolstered by continuous machine learning enhancements for adaptability and improved performance.

Anomaly Detection 

By tracking individuals both physically and digitally, our AI solutions are designed to spot anomalies that may indicate security threats. This proactive approach to security keeps your operations one step ahead of potential issues. 

Encrypted Networks for Secure Operation 

The foundation of our AI solutions is a robust, encrypted network ensuring all operations are secure. This commitment to security protects your autonomous vehicle commands and comprehensive site surveillance from potential cyber threats. 

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“I worked with the Macrodata team on a number of occasions to provide secure and robust communication networks to meet key operational requirements. They have a real understanding of wider issues and executed in a manner that considered all aspects of our commercial needs (budgetary and time constraints). I valued their willingness to adapt to evolving and unanticipated issues.” 

Alok Patel, Chair - National Security Association of Australia 

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