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macroDATA Infosec Solutions

macroDATA Information Security 'Infosec' Solutions delivers unparalleled data protection and operational continuity through our state-of-the-art services, catering specifically to the needs of defence and critical infrastructure sectors. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge, secure cloud and data services that empower organisations at the highest level to protect their data, collaborate securely, and maintain operational integrity in the face of evolving threats.

Premier Secure Cloud and Data Services

Sovereign Carbon Neutral Data Centres 

Our state-of-the-art data centres embody the forefront of security and sustainability. Each data centre is secured up to SCEC Level 4 and ISM Level 5 standards, ensuring the highest level of data protection with dark fibre secure data transmission. Our Australian-owned data centres, positioned to provide edge computing advantages, are equipped with disaster recovery configurations, including 2N and N+1 setups, to guarantee data resilience. 

Secure Collaboration Hubs 

Our secure collaboration hubs provide highly secure, interconnected environments designed for mission-critical operations. Offering a range of flexible options, including classified offices, collaborative work areas, meeting rooms, AV rooms, and dedicated offices with protected spaces ranging from Zones 2 through to 5, these hubs adhere to stringent compliance standards (SCEC, DISP, ISO, Essential 8, ISM, NIST). Located in Brisbane, they facilitate secure, efficient, and collaborative workspaces for your teams. 

Critical Infrastructure Private Cloud 

We specialise in Custom Zone 4 sovereign data solutions, offering bespoke services tailored to your organisation's specific needs for classified data applications, compute, and storage. Our private cloud and co-location services, anchored in the strategic Australian locations of Brisbane and Canberra, are rigorously protected by stringent Australian data security laws, ensuring your operations remain confidential and secure. 

Secure Remote Digital Gateways 

Through the macroDATA Secure Cloud, we offer remote desktop support that provides a fast track to DISP compliance for the Essential 8 top 4. We also offer Essential 8 Virtual Desk, called "E8 vDesk", which enables your organisation to have all 8 of the Essential 8.  Bring your own device, and your information and environment are always safe. Regardless of where your employees are located. Our solutions are scalable, supporting a comprehensive whole-of-business information security strategy. 

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“I worked with the Macrodata team on a number of occasions to provide secure and robust communication networks to meet key operational requirements. They have a real understanding of wider issues and executed in a manner that considered all aspects of our commercial needs (budgetary and time constraints). I valued their willingness to adapt to evolving and unanticipated issues.” 

Alok Patel, Chair - National Security Association of Australia 

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